Skincare products are items that you can leisurely find as you walk through the aisles of any drug store or grocery store. Higher-end skincare products are also available in department stores if that is more of your cup of tea. How about medical-grade skincare products? What is it that separates them from the high-end products that you can find in department stores? How do you know if medical-grade skincare products are right for you? The short answer is they are for everyone.

There seems to be a stigma, however on medical-grade skincare products because of the cost, but the truth is, you can probably visit your bathroom cabinets only to find half-used bottles and tubes of over-the-counter products because they are not the right products for you. Another part of the reason is that these products provide only a small amount of active ingredients that you can find in physician-dispensed skincare products, which means that over-the-counter products leave you with sub-par results.

Here are 3 reasons medical-grade skincare is for you.

  1. FDA regulation- with FDA regulations in place on prescription-grade skincare products, this means that they go through a ton of science and research before they are made available for physicians to dispense to patients.

2. A Medical professional’s recommendation- You will have a thorough evaluation by a medical professional to see what your specific skincare needs are before you make a purchase. This will ensure that you, as the patient will make an investment in a skincare product that can specifically and effectively meet your skincare needs. Adjustments may have to be made at some point, but getting started with a medical professional will get you going In the right direction and will be with you every step of the way.

3. Using the right products can help prevent future issues- With the guidance of your provider helping you choose the right products for the right reasons means that you will have results noticeably faster than OTC products, and you will also prevent future issues from occurring, and also slow down the aging process.  This means that you will save yourself from having to spend even more money on pricier skin products/procedures in the future.

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