Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Do you feel tired? Do you Lack energy? Have a low libido? Then you may be suffering from low Testosterone. As men age, it is normal to have a decrease in testosterone levels, but levels can also be effected by lifestyle and other every day stressors. Testosterone replacement therapy is safe, effective, and helps to restore your testosterone levels for an overall better sense of well being. Although testosterone is the hormone of men, testosterone replacement therapy does so much more than increasing sex drive and improving Erectile dysfunction. Implementing Testosterone Replace therapy to increase your testosterone levels could be the key ingredient you have been missing in reaching your ultimate wellness goals.



What does Testosterone do?

Testosterone is a hormone in our body that is produced by both men and women, however is considered a Male hormone. Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to the masculine changes that a young boy will go through as he goes through puberty onto early adulthood. Once a man reaches his 30’s, testosterone levels begin to decline.

How do I know if I suffer from low testosterone?

Low Testosterone is a condition that you can be suffering from and not even know.

There are a couple of tools used to determine if you suffer from low testosterone. We start of with a basic questionnaire to during your consultation, which can reveal a lot of information that can lead us into finding that you suffer from low testosterone. In addition to the questionnaire, we will draw some lab work to check your testosterone level along with other blood levels to see where you stand.

What are the signs of Low Testosterone?

You may have low testosterone levels if you have a decrease in energy, weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass, lower Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, and cognitive impairment. Other extrinsic factors that may lead to low Testosterone levels include poor sleep habits, activity, and diet.

Do I have to give myself injections?

Yes, you will administer injections out of the comfort of your own home once or twice weekly based on the treatment plan you and your provider discuss.

How long do I need to be on Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

This is something that will be discussed with you and your provider. There will need to be ongoing monitoring of testosterone levels to ensure you have shown clinical improvement and are at a therapeutic dose.