Botox treatments have dramatically risen in recent years due to the preventive effects it has in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Living in a society where the use of social media outlets and filters has become the norm, Botox treatment is an abnormal treatment for people to start implementing.

Let’s be real, we live in a world of vanity, and how we look is important. Aging is just a fact of life and something that is going to affect all of us at some point and to some degree. Botox is a great treatment for preventing and treating fine lines and wrinkles, however, this is not the end-all, be-all anti-aging treatment.

As we age, our collagen production decreases, we suffer from volume loss and skin elasticity, we start to see spots that were once never there, and we lose skin hydration. Incorporating the use of Botox, along with dermal fillers, micro-needling, chemical peels, medical grade skincare, and laser treatments are all anti-aging treatments that we can utilize to help create a natural, youthful appearance, which will allow us to age gracefully.

It does not end there! Special consideration should be taken on how we are treating our bodies. Intaking high-quality nutrient-dense foods, maintaining an active lifestyle, incorporating cardiovascular and weight training, and supplementing with hormone therapy or peptides as an indication will help work with you internally to keep you youthful and healthy.

So next time you see someone who “looks good for their age”, they are more than likely using a combination of treatments to achieve that outcome. Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics would be happy to meet you for a FREE consultation. You can visit our Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics in Boynton Beach to book your appointment or call at 561-528-9038.