Vanity is something that affects all of us in some way or another, and we are all vain in our own, different ways. The popularity of social media outlets, such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram has made us more aware of the flaws that bother us. We see ourselves in a different light with instant access to our digital photos, delete and re-take pictures until we get the right light, the right angle, and the right picture worthy enough to post.

We see to effects that aging is having on us (for us slightly older individuals). There are tons of editing apps with filters to make us look flawless, have bigger lips, have longer hair, etc. But what if I told you that you could achieve these looks and ditch the filters? It takes time, patience, dedication, and diligence.            

Taking care of our skin is something that most 20 something year old’s do not take seriously. All the damage that we do to our bodies in our 20s does and will affect how our skin ages. All of those long weekends of drinking and smoking, followed by a terrible diet, lifestyle, and long days of sunbathing and not wearing sunscreen affect our bodies internally and externally, but we do not start to see the effects of this damage until later in life.

Yes, it is true that some people have better genetics than others, and ethnic back -round can play an effect on how the body and skin age as well, but thankfully the use of Botox and Fillers are not a taboo topic any longer and are now proven to prevent signs of aging.

Botox Treatment

Botox is a great treatment to start early in life to prevent the worsening of wrinkles that are created by dynamic muscle movements. It is much easier to maintain a youthful look the earlier you start, rather than waiting until your 60 to try and turn back to hands of time. Now, that is not to say that 60 is late to start treatments with Botox and Fillers, however, we will have to have realistic expectations on our end outcome, and may take more than one session to achieve those desired outcomes, especially with Dermal fillers since dermal fillers are restoring volume loss that occurs with aging. 

Other considerations in skincare and aging include increasing our cellular turnover and keeping collagen production alive. Chemical peels can help with pigmentation, cellular turnover, and overall skin health, micro-needling can help with increasing collagen and elastin production as well as treating acne scarring, and implementing a medical-grade skincare routine into your home regimen, as well as daily SPF.

The point is that whether you are old or young, it is never too late for a Botox or Dermal filler treatment. A discussion must be had with your injector to ensure there is a common understanding of the desired outcome so a plan can be put in place for your Botox and /or Dermal Filler treatments.

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