If you are someone who is diligent about getting facials then kudos to you but have you ever had a chemical peel? If not, why?

Most people think that getting a chemical peel means your face is going to fall off because you are putting “chemicals” on it. We can chalk this up to being a statement of someone who is not fully educated on how a chemical peel works and the benefits that come with this treatment.

Chemical Peel

If you have read my previous blog on chemical peels, then you have an idea of the benefits of a chemical peel, know that there are different depths of chemical peels and that it is safe for all skin types. So why the hesitation? Why do so many people say, “I do not need a chemical peel”. On the contrary my friend….. YOU DO! As I have stated before, Chemical peels are like oil changes. They need to be done periodically……

If you have old oil in your car, your car will not run properly. If you have old skin cells hanging around, your skin will not function properly. The signs of aging will increase if we neglect to change our oil (chemical peels) because we are skipping a treatment that exfoliates our skin at a cellular level and increases collagen production. Without chemical peels, our skin is left looking old and dull.

People also wonder about their tan, and whether it is going to peel their tan off….. also…. NOT TRUE! The VI Peel is a medium-depth peel that can treat ALL skin types! Yes, ALL!

Is there downtime? A little. You cannot work out or sweat until the peeling process begins (usually day 3-4). The bulk of the peeling happens between days 3-7. You need to be diligent about wearing sunscreen and wearing a large brim out if you plan on being outdoors.

I know living in South Florida makes it difficult because we live a lifestyle of always being outdoors swimming, boating, beaching, and having fun in the sun! Beginning Chemical Peel treatments will help treat sun-damaged skin for all you sun-bunnies…… So, start now, do not wait!

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