We have all been there. At some point in our lives, we have made the choice to cheat. We cheat on the people we trust to take care of us, our health, our hair, our face, and our beauty…… you can fill in the blanks. But why? Why do we do this?

We love our hairdresser that we have been seeing for years but decide to start hopping around looking for someone cheaper, despite the fact you are very happy with their work. The same is true for any treatments or services essentially you pay cash for. Here are the top 3 reasons you should not cheat on your healthcare provider.

1. Relationship building

Most of us working in niche fields have a unique opportunity to work at our own pace without having to worry about meeting specific insurance requirements and cramming our patients into tight time slots. This allows us to spend quality time with our patients and build relationships, finding out what is important in their life as it pertains to our services, and addressing concerns in a personal approach. When talking about aesthetic services, we are performing procedures on faces, therefore it is important that this relationship is built, so there is an understanding of what the patients want and formulate a treatment plan to execute the desired outcome.

2. Trust

While building a relationship, trust is also being built. Sure, I can throw a syringe of filler in you and call it a day, but I think it is far more important to establish a trusting relationship that can grow. This allows the patient a better, long-term experience and outcome because now I (the provider) have had a chance to get to know you, who you are, what you want, your lifestyle, your budget, etc. With a strong relationship and trust, we can look ahead on how we want to address your specific wants and needs in a realistic, planned-out manner to ensure that you yield the best results.

3. Invested time

Now that we have spent all of this time building a strong, trusting relationship, don’t you think that our time together is more valuable? I do. We have both taken the time to invest in each other your aesthetic wants, needs, and desires, all while allowing me to formulate a plan that will leave you feeling and looking natural and youthful.

So next time you want to go shopping around for a deal, stop and think for a moment because it is much more than just injecting Botox or Filler in your face. It is about taking the time to build a trusting relationship so we can reach your aesthetic needs safely.
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