Oftentimes, clients come in wanting more filler. The effects of previous treatments leave them happy, satisfied and wanting more. Continually adding dermal fillers needs to be done so at a slow and steady approach.


Overdoing filler treatments happen for numerous reasons, including a dysmorphic image, instant gratification, or hopping around from injector to injector because you’re chasing a deal…. Or perhaps you have been told NO by your injector and were not happy with that response, which led you to go elsewhere, only to end up overfilled and un-natural looking.

It is important to understand that while dermal fillers are truly magical, they need to be administered with caution. Finding the right injector who listens to you, who you trust, and with which you have a vested relationship is PRICELESS! If you ever meet an injector that says NO, thank them! Trust me, they want to treat you, but they want to treat you the RIGHT WAY, even if it means saying NO!

If you are a person that does not like to hear the word NO, and you go elsewhere for additional fillers, you might end up regretting your decision, so stick with someone you trust.

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