Covid-19 is a disease process that has kept a lot of people, as well as medical professionals on their toes with the array of odd symptoms and varying effects that do not seem to make a whole lot of sense. However, hair loss resulting after Covid-19 infection is a real issue, and many have reported that they have in fact suffered from hair loss after having Covid-19.

Before we get into hair loss related to Covid-19 infection, here are a few things to keep in mind in regards to the growth cycle of the hair. The growth cycle of hair occurs in 3 phases. The first phase, anagen, is the active, or growth phase of the hair and lasts between 2-6 years. About 85% of our hair is in the anagen phase at any given time. The next phase is the catagen phase. This is the transition phase the hair follicle goes through that end the growth phase. Finally, is the telogen phase (resting phase). The telogen phase lasts 3-5 weeks until the anagen phase begins again.

Why Hair Loss?

What does hair loss have to do with a viral respiratory infection? There are a few considerations as to why someone would suffer from hair loss after having Covid-19. First, hair loss (Acute Telogen effluvium) could occur to a stressful event but wouldn’t manifest until about 2-3 months after that stressful event.

With the uncertainty that Covid-19 has offered the world, it is only imaginable the fear that people have been having if they become infected. Another consideration, something a little more specific to Covid-19 is that there seems to be an increase in cytokines (cytokine storm) which damages the matrix of cells. (It gets a little more scientific with the biology and pathophysiology of the disease process, so here is the link to the article referenced for this post).

Do not be alarmed if you have suffered from hair loss following a Covid-19 infection. Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics has treatments to help rejuvenate your scalp to stimulate hair to grow. Visit our website or call 561-528-9038 to schedule a free consultation.