Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle Relaxers a.k.a neurotoxins are a staple in the antiaging industry. You may know them as Botox or Dysport just to name a couple. The neurotoxins help to relax the muscles on your face that cause these wrinkles. By allowing the muscles to relax, lines (or wrinkles) on the face have a chance to soften. Depending on the neurotoxin used, it could take up to 10 days to achieve the full effect of the neurotoxin. The biggest rules immediately post treatment are NO LYING FLAT FOR 4 HOURS, and NO STRENUOUS EXERCISE FOR 24 HOURS. This is a treatment that requires maintenance to keep desired effects every 3-4 months.



What are wrinkle relaxers?

Better known as Botox, wrinkle relaxers help to relax muscles in your face to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is not the only guy in town anymore. Although most people know this treatment by the name “Botox”, it is generally used as a broad term for all neurotoxins as most lay people are not aware that there are different products on the market. Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics using Botox and Jeuveau for neuromodulator treatments.

What are the benefits of Botox/Wrinkle relaxers?

Botox and Jeuveau can be used in multiple areas to help you achieve a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. The current FDA approved areas for Botox include the glabellar lines (referred to as the 11’s), forehead lines and crow’s feet around the outside of the eyes.


Other areas that Botox can be used for off label include the chin to help improve chin dimples, masseters to help combat TMJ, teeth grinding and to help slim out the lower face, scalp, and temples for migraine headaches. Placing Botox in the lip (lip flip), relaxes the upper lip to help create a fuller appearance. Hyperhidrosis can also be treated using Botox, as well as helping to alleviate a gummy smile.

Does Botox hurt?

The needle used to administer Botox is very small. There will be several small pokes in the areas that are being treated, but the discomfort disappear as soon of the procedure is over.

Am I going to Bruise?

Chances of bruising are low, however there is always a chance of bruising when you are injecting Botox into facial muscles.

How long does Botox last?

Botox generally lasts about 3-4 months if treated adequately. It is recommended to keep up with your treatments in order to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles In the areas treated. Factors that could affect how long Botox will last could be age, metabolism, strength of muscles

Do you see the results of Botox immediately?

Botox begins to work around day 3 after your treatment, but it generally takes 7-10days to fully kick in, so patience is key.

When should I get Botox if I have an event coming up?

Receiving Botox treatment before an event should ideally be done about 4 weeks out. This gives the Botox time to kick in and determine if a touchup is needed, and for that touchup to kick in so you look your best on the day of your event.

Is there any downtime with Botox?

The biggest rules to follow after your Botox treatment are to not lie down/bend over for 4 hours, and no exercise for 24 hours.


Talk to your provider to see if Botox treatment is right for you.