Melasma is a common skin pigment condition with a report of more than 200,000 cases a year and is characterized by grayish/brownish patches on sun-exposed skin. The pigmentation can be due to hormonal changes, sun exposure, genetics, and general effects on women more than men. There is a chance that if you suffer from Melasma that it will go away if it is caused by pregnancy or medication, or it is something that can last for years. Not to worry, there are treatments available to help treat Melasma. A combination of micro-needling, chemical peels, and topical creams can lead to a decrease in pigmentation. Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetic provides expert services to help treat Melasma and other pigmentation issues.

Evaluation and Treatments

The providers at Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics will conduct a thorough skin evaluation and assessment to ensure a treatment process that will provide our patients with the best outcomes possible. Treatments will generally consist of a series of combination therapy including micro-needling sessions and chemical peels, which are both beneficial in the treatment of Melasma. Your skin needs will ultimately dictate how we approach our treatment sessions.

Why two different treatments?

The combination of both treatments is to ensure we provide you with your best outcome, as they both achieve 2 different outcomes on their own. First, Micro-needling will help to break pigment caused by Melasma up. If we can break Melasma pigmentation up into smaller particles, then the chemical peel will be more efficient in lifting the Melasma out of the skin. Think about eating a piece of steak. The larger the piece is, the more chewing we must do to break it down before swallowing. This is the same concept with micro needling BEFORE we peel.

How many treatments will I need? How often do I need to get treated?

Treatment sessions are something that will be discussed between you and your provider at Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics, as this is not a one size fits all treatment process. Treating Melasma generally takes a series of sessions and treatments to achieve ideal outcomes.

How long is a session?

You can plan on 30 minutes on days you’re receiving your chemical peel, and 1 hour for micro-needling sessions. If you are ready to take control of your Melasma, call Pure Youth Wellness & Aesthetics to schedule an appointment. Our providers are confident that their treatments will lead to glowing skin. Contact our office at 561-528-9038.