Exosomes are stem cell derived, and are responsible for cell-to-cell communication, and for facilitating the exchange of RNA and other proteins between cells. Exosomes carry potent amounts of growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins, which help to facilitate the healing process, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, improve overall brightness and hydration, reduce pore size, improve texture, reduce redness and skin irritation, help with fine lines, wrinkles, age related pigment, and also to rejuvenate the scalp by aiding in process to re-grow and/or improve hair, treat dry/itching scalp, and decrease shedding.



Where do Exosomes come from?

BENEV Exosomes are derived from human adipose stomal cell exosomes. Exosomes are present in cells throughout the body.

What are the functions of exosomes?

Exosomes help our cells talk to each-other. Exosomes are called extracellular vesicles, and these extracellular vesicles (Exosomes) are what facilitate intr-cellular signaling.

For cosmetic purposes Exosomes help to improve the healing process and integrity of the skin by increasing communication of the cells in the skin and therefore eliciting anti-aging effects. In the scalp, the exosomes help to stimulate cells to potentiate hair regrowth due to the isolation of these communication messengers. This is cutting edge treatment in regenerative medicine!

Are Exosomes safe?

Yes, the use of BENEV Exosomes is safe, and are FDA approved for topical use. Exosomes. There are many other uses for exosomes as well, which are considered for off-label use when referring to BENEV Exosomes.  A consultation with your provider will determine if you are a good candidate for treatment with Exosomes.


Exosome treatment is considered the new frontier in regenerative medicine!