Have you ever wondered why your face cream or face products just seem to lather up on your face and not get absorbed? That is because we have layers of dead skin cells just waiting to be sloughed off, as well as peach fuzz that prevent our products from penetrating the skin and work to their maximum potential. For this procedure, we use a surgical blade to get rid off all of the dead skin and peach fuzz, and follow it up with a hydrating hyaluronic mask. This is a fairly
quick, but highly satisfying procedure! (one of my favorites!) This can also be done immediately before a micro needling treatment.



Will my hair grow back thicker after a dermaplaning treatment?

NO.. peach-fuzz is considered vellus hair, which are fine wispy hairs.  Vellus hair does not become terminal (which is thick, long and dark) from dermaplaning.

How often does Dermaplaning need to be done?

Dermaplaning can be done once every four weeks. Keeping up with scheduled dermaplaning treatments ensures that your products are always able to better penetrate the skin without getting clogged up in your peach-fuzz. This means that your expensive face creams and serums are not going to waste!!

Does Dermaplaning hurt?

No. There is a slight chance of enduring a couple of minor scrapes from dermaplaning due to the use of a surgical blade for the treatment, but other than that the procedure is painless!

Is there downtime with Dermaplaning?

No downtime with dermaplaning. Just be sure to wear your SPF daily as usual.